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The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) is a think tank based in Brussels, Belgium that undertakes research "leading to solutions to the challenges facing Europe today". It was established in 1983.[1]


The think tank receives its funding from EU institutions, national governments, charitable foundations, private organisations, publication sales, events and membership fees.[1] CEPS employs a mixture of permanent staff, research fellows based at other institutions such as universities, and stagiaires. The Centre's director is Daniel Gros, a German economist.[2][3]

It was established in 1983[4] as the first think tank dealing primarily with the issues related to the European integration. Its first director was Peter Ludlow. Currently, CEPS director is Daniel Gros and Karel Lannoo is CEPS' CEO.

CEPS board of directors

CEPS senior research staff

Research programmes[edit]

CEPS has research programmes on:[1]

Research networks[edit]

CEPS is also involved in a number of research networks, namely:[1]


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