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The Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI) is a London think tank founded in June 2013 to defend "the founding principles of the NHS". It is a registered charity.[1]

Professor Colin Leys was involved in its foundation.

It has produced several reports on the Private finance initiative in the English NHS. It says PFI companies had made pre-tax profits of £831m in the past six years which could have been spent on patient care. [2] It warned councillors in Newham that NHS sustainability and transformation plans were untested.[3] Its scrutiny of the role of markets and competition in the NHS found that information about quality and safety in private hospitals was not available in the same way as with NHS providers so it was not possible to compare the two.[4] Only seven contracts with private providers had been terminated by clinical commissioning groups due to failings, though 16% of their care budget is spent in the private sector and there are some 15,000 contracts with private providers.[5]

It has also reported on Social care in England [6] It claims that “the quality of care in adult social care has declined over the past two decades as a result of privatisation”.[7]


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