Centre for High Energy Physics

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Centre For High Energy Physics
CHEP logo.jpg
Official logo
Motto"Hard work is the key to success"
TypeEducation and research
DirectorProf. Dr. Bilal Masood
Location, ,
CampusQuaid-i-Azam Campus
ColorsMaroon and Light Blue

The Centre for High Energy Physics at the Punjab University, commonly referred to as CHEP, is a national research institute for High-energy physics (or Particle physics), a branch of fundamental Physics. It is concerned with unraveling the ultimate constituents of matter and with elucidating the forces between them.

Research in high energy physics started at the Punjab University in 1968. In November 1982, the Centre for High Energy Physics (CHEP) was established and entrusted with teaching and research in the field leading to a Master's and doctoral programme.


The center has a logo which shows a book as a sign of knowledge, and an Arabic verse from the Qur'an which translates to "Why don't you think?" . On top is the department's name and at the bottom is the name of the university.


CHEP is located in the new campus of the University of the Punjab near the main gates of the university (Gate No. 1 and Gate No. 2). CHEP has a two-storey building with its own library (other than the university main library), seven computer labs: a programming, modeling and simulation lab, a supercomputer lab, M.Phill. computer lab, Ph.D. computer lab, a physics lab, a modern physics lab and an electronics lab.

The building stands in front of the Institute of Chemistry and the Under-graduate Block, next to the Institute of Biochemistry. Behind the center lies the university jogging ground.

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