Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling

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The Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling (CPOM) is a centre for research into polar region processes which may affect: polar atmosphere and ocean circulation; the Earth's albedo; and global sea levels. It is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, a UK Research Council.[1]

CPOM comprises research groups from 3 Universities: University College London, University of Bristol, and University of Edinburgh.[1]

In 2006, research carried out by CPOM resulted in the press report "Secret rivers found in Antarctic". The survey used the European Space Agency's ERS-2 satellite radar to measure a region in East Antarctica with some of the oldest, thickest ice on the continent. The survey revealed synchronous changes in ice surface height (both rise and falls) at locations hundreds of kilometres apart. According to CPOM Director, Duncan Wingham, the only conceivable mechanism for the observations was the movement of water.[2]


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