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The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is a think tank co-founded in 2004 by Iain Duncan Smith and Tim Montgomerie.

Political positions[edit]

The organisation's stated aim is to "put social justice at the heart of British politics".[1] The think-tank has been labelled one of the most influential on the British Conservative Party under the leadership of David Cameron.[2] One of its most notable reports was Breakthrough Britain.[3] It has also produced well-publicised reports into gang culture,[4] modern slavery,[5] addiction,[6] family breakdown,[7] and educational failure.[8] In 2012, the CSJ announced it would carry out the study Breakthrough Britain II.[9]

In 2017, a CSJ report recommended placing homeless people dealing with problems like alcohol and drug abuse in permanent accommodation and giving them access to care and training. The approach, known as Housing First, had been trialed in the US and adopted by Finland with positive results. Conservative communities secretary Sajid Javid said he was keen to examine the scheme.[10]


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