Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis

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Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis
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Motto"Advancing Diversity"
FormationJanuary 10, 2008; 11 years ago (2008-01-10)
Legal statusAssociation
Region served
Official language
Prof. Alpaslan Ozerdem
Main organ
Executive Office

The Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis (CESRAN) is an international think-tank organisation, directed by Executive Board of the Centre. The Centre was established on 1 November 2008, by Ozgur Tufekci.

CESRAN’s main goal is to improve interdisciplinary studies. In addition, CESRAN contributes to the field of International Relations as not only academics but also practitioners. In this regard, the main ideal is gathering people, who come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives, around the CESRAN in order to yield fresh and illuminating insights as to how the studies of international relations, political science, human geography, economics and international law are carried out in an interdependent world.


  • The Executive Office
  • Advisory Board
  • Board of Directors

The Executive Office[edit]

The Advisory Board[edit]

Research Centres[edit]

  • Mr Rahman Dag | Turkey Focus, Research Director
  • Mr Kadri Kaan Renda | Europe Programme, Research Director
  • Mr Jewellord Singh | Americas Programme, Research Director
  • Mr Antony Ou | China & Neighbourhood Focus, Research Director
  • Dr Fatih Eren | Urban Studies, Research Director
  • Dr Aksel Ersoy | Governance, Research Director
  • Dr Jean-Paul Gagnon | Democracy Programme, Research Director
  • Dr Mehmet Ozkan | Africa Programme, Research Director


  • Journal of Global Analysis (JGA): CESRAN publishes an interdisciplinary, refereed e-journal, named Journal of Global Analysis (JGA).[4] Journal of Global Analysis is a biannual journal edited by a group of international scholars. The Journal endeavours to become the foremost international forum for academics, researchers and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience in the disciplines of political science, international relations, economics, international law and human geography.
  • Journal of Conflict Transformation & Security (JCTS): Journal of Conflict Transformation & Security (JCTS).[5] The Journal of Conflict Transformation and Security (JCTS) provides a platform to analyse conflict transformation and security as processes for managing ‘change’ in a non-violent way to produce equitable outcomes for all parties that are sustainable. A wide range of human security concerns can be tackled by both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ measures, therefore, the Journal’s scope not only covers such security sector reform issues as restructuring security apparatus, reintegration of ex-combatants, clearance of explosive remnants of war and cross-border management, but also the protection of human rights, justice, rule of law and governance.
  • Journal of Eurasian Politics & Security (JEPAS): The Journal of Eurasian Politics & Society is the only established peer reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal in the world concerned with the history, politics, cultures, religions and economies of Eurasian states. The journal acts as a forum for cultural, economic, historical and political approaches to research on Eurasia. The main aim of the journal is to reflect and promote advances in the social sciences and humanities and also deepen and consolidate understanding of processes of local and regional change that make Eurasia an area of significant interest.
  • Another publication of CESRAN is Political Reflection Magazine PR is a quarterly International Magazine.
  • CESRAN Papers
  • Turkey Focus Policy Brief


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