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The Centre for Structural Econometrics (CSE), founded in 2009, is a research centre based at the University of Bristol.[1]


CSE aims to uncover the relative advantages of adopting a structural (economic theory) framework for empirical studies of the economy, in comparison to more widespread a-theoretical approaches to econometric analysis. The objective is to advance theory-based applied economic research in the UK and internationally, yielding new insights into underlying mechanisms of the economy, and better informing decision-makers in both the public and private sectors.

CSE's research areas include, but are not limited to, female labour force participation, gender pay gaps, job mobility and earnings dynamics, immigration, housing and portfolio choices, firm investment decisions, economic growth and economic development.

Seminar Series[edit]

CSE organizes a seminar series featuring frontier research on structural econometrics, econometric methods, and theory-based applied economics. One of the "innovations" of the seminar series is that a junior economist (i.e., PhD student, recent PhD graduate or Assistant Professor) gives a talk on the same day as the main guest, who is a distinguished senior economist. The inaugural CSE seminar was delivered by Nobel Laureate Christopher Pissarides of the London School of Economics.

During the 2009-2010 academic year, distinguished guest speakers include:

- Christopher A. Pissarides, Nobel Laureate, London School of Economics

- Zvi Eckstein, Tel Aviv University and the Bank of Israel

- Paul Beaudry, Oxford University

- Thierry Magnac, University of Toulouse

- Jean-Marc Robin, University of Paris and University College London

Working Papers[edit]

CSE also disseminates recent structural econometric research through its working paper series. CSE working papers are freely available for download from its website. Recent papers include:

- "A Computationally Practical Simulation Estimation Algorithm for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Unobserved Endogenous State Variables" Michael P. Keane and Robert M. Sauer

- "A Feasible Equilibrium Search Model of Individual Wage Dynamics with Experience Accumulation" Jesper Bagger, Francois Fontaine, Fabien Postel-Vinay and Jean-Marc Robin

- "On-the-job Search, Productivity Shocks, and the Individual Earnings Process" Fabien Postel-Vinay and Helene Turon

- "Welfare Policy and the Sectoral Distribution of Employment" L. Rachel Ngai and Chrisopher A. Pissarides

- "Optimal Policy in a Dynamic Search Model with Risk Aversion" Jean-Baptiste Michau

- "Large Employers Are More Cyclically Sensitive" Giuseppe Moscarini and Fabien Postel-Vinay

- "Dynamic Female Labor Supply" Zvi Eckstein and Osnat Lifshitz


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