Centre for the Study of African Economies

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The Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) has been undertaking research on Africa since 1986, and is part of the Department of Economics under the Social Sciences Division at Oxford University. The centre is located jointly at the Department (Manor Rd Building) and St.Antony's College. Its research has been funded by the ESRC, DfID, UNIDO and the World Bank, among others.

The Centre applies modern research methods to Africa's economic problems. Research is both microeconomic, with a focus on the problems facing individual producers (farms and firms) in Africa, and macroeconomic. It ranges from studies on how to make health care more cost-effective in rural Ethiopia (by spending money on drugs and equipment rather than building more clinics), to the determinants of inflation in Kenya, to the constraints on investment in manufacturing. The Centre undertakes its own surveys in Africa and elsewhere.

The Centre also trains doctoral students. Former students are now employed in African universities and research institutions, as well as in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The Centre produces the Journal of African Economies, published by Oxford University Press (OUP), as well as its own members' Working Paper Series.