Centre of Canada

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There are several ways of determining the centre of Canada giving different locations.

Sign on the Trans-Canada Highway near Winnipeg, marking the longitude centre of Canada
  • The latitudinal centre of Canada (including islands, but excluding Canada's claim to the North Pole) is a line at 62 degrees 24 minutes North. See also: 62nd parallel north
    • The intersection of these two lines is one definition of the centre of Canada, as explained by the Atlas of Canada's website:
The centre of Canada can be measured in many ways. The most readily understood would be by taking the mid-point of the extremities of the Canadian landmass section, above. The resulting location 62°24′N 096°28′W / 62.400°N 96.467°W / 62.400; -96.467 (62 degrees 24 minutes North, 96 degrees 28 minutes West) is located just south of Yathkyed Lake in Nunavut, west of Hudson Bay. - The Atlas of Canada website, Natural Resources Canada[2]

The nearest inhabited places to this point are Baker Lake, Nunavut well to the north, and Arviat to the east.