Centreton, Ontario

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Centreton, Ontario, circa 1880

Centreton is an unincorporated community in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located in the township of Alnwick/Haldimand, in Northumberland County. Centreton has a population of about 130 people, with little fluctuation during the past 100 years.[citation needed] During the 19th century, the population was about 250, and during that time two saw mills were operated in the village, processing the trees in the area.[citation needed] When the mills closed, the population declined.[citation needed] At one point, the community contained two churches, two sawmills, a one-room school house and a general store.[citation needed] At the present, only one of the churches is left, the other having burnt down long ago, and is used as the community hall, Centreton Public Library, and voting location during elections. The school house is now a private residence, and although the mills have gone there is still some logging in the Northumberland Forest north of the community.[citation needed] The Centreton General Store is located in the same site where the original burned down in the early 20th century. The community also is home to the Centreton Farm and Sport, which fixes tractors and sells snowmobiles.[citation needed]

Centreton has always been a farming community, and there are still many farms operating in the area.[citation needed] In the past, the large majority of farms in the area grew tobacco, but after the market declined in the mid 1980s, the local farms switched to other crops and produce.[citation needed] There is a large hydroponics greenhouse growing tomatoes just west of the village as well as many farms growing corn, soybeans and grains.

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