Centreville Amusement Park

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Train Ride, Centreville.jpg
Centreville's miniature railway
Slogan It's always sunny at Centreville
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 43°37′13.11″N 79°22′25.24″W / 43.6203083°N 79.3736778°W / 43.6203083; -79.3736778Coordinates: 43°37′13.11″N 79°22′25.24″W / 43.6203083°N 79.3736778°W / 43.6203083; -79.3736778
Owner Beasley Amusements
Opened 1967
Operating season OPEN May through September
Website centreisland.ca

The Centreville Amusement Park is a children's amusement park located on Centre Island, part of the Toronto Islands, offshore of the city of Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario. The park was built in 1967 with a 1900 turn-of-the-century theme, and includes a miniature railway. An 1870s cast iron planter to commemorate Queen Victoria's birthday was originally located in front of St. Lawrence Market and is now featured in the centre of the park, Centreville is also home to a carousel built in 1907.

The park is operated by Etobicoke-based William Beasley Enterprises Limited on land leased from the City of Toronto, and is open daily in summer. It is connected to downtown Toronto by one of the Toronto Island ferry services, which links a dock adjacent to the amusement park with another at the foot of Bay Street on the central Toronto waterfront.[1][2]


Centreville was built as part of a master plan to convert the Toronto Islands land usage from cottage residences to recreational uses. The park opened in 1967, with several rides on the same site and has expanded over the years, adding one or two rides a year. The park replaced the old Sunnyside Amusement Park, which closed in 1955.


The antique Ferris wheel, dressed up as a windmill

The Park is home to a 1907-vintage carousel, 'antique cars', 'swan boats', a windmill-style Ferris wheel, a 'haunted barrel works' and several kiddie rides. One ride travels around the park, a miniature railway. Additionally, their 1907 'Antique Carousel' is incredibly unique and one of the few of its kind left in existence in North America today. Centreville Fire Hall is a children's fire station theme ride and the Townhall houses a gift shop.

A narrow gauge train with 5 passengers cars operates at the park. It is one of three miniature train rides in Toronto:

  • John Street Roundhouse operates an outdoor seasonal miniature ride (locomotive, tender and 4 passenger coaches)
  • Woodbine Centre Fantasy Fair Express operates an indoor year round miniature ride

Far Enough Farm[edit]

Also maintained by William Beasley Enterprises Limited, the Far Enough Farm exists on the eastern outskirts of the Amusement Park, just past the Toronto Island Mine Roller Coaster Ride. The farm is home to several domesticated animal species including pigs, chickens, cows, ponies and, of course, peacocks which often freely roam around the farm. The farm provides a quaint and peaceful escape from the sometimes noisy amusement park. It is a great place to relax and allow children to witness and experience a large assortment of animals that would otherwise be difficult to achieve across the lake in Downtown Toronto. [3]


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