Centreville Layton School

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Centreville Layton School
Aerial View of CS 2.JPG
6201 Kennett Pike
Centreville, Delaware 19807
Established 1974
Head of school Bart Reese
Faculty 32
Grades PK-12
Enrollment 90 (2015)
Tuition PreK $19,000, K-8th $27,500, 9-12th $25,775

Centreville Layton School is a private Delaware school for children who learn differently. Centreville Layton offers a rigorous educational and cultural experience for students who learn differently. The program identifies academic and social needs of the individual and provides a curriculum that focuses on problem solving and critical thinking. Through intervention and strengthening learning strategies, the school empowers each student to reach his or her potential.

Since the founding of Centreville School (Now Centreville Layton School) in 1974, the academic program has evolved from one focused on the basic academic areas with associated support in motor and language development to a program that has become involves experiences designed to maximize each student’s strengths as well as improve their areas of weakness. While the core beliefs of the school have remained unchanged the program offerings have dramatically expanded. In 2014, Centreville School merged with Layton Preparatory to form Centreville Layton School. [1]


  • Reading
  • Written Language
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music
  • Technology


  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Cross Country
  • Golf

Community Events[edit]

  • Centreville School 5k in May - Touted as a challenging course that covers hilly terrain in Delaware and Pennsylvania.[2]
  • Fall Festival
  • Spring Carnival
  • Centreville Layton School Golf Classic




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