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For the engineering term, see Centration (engineering)
Developer(s) GE Healthcare
Development status Active
Available in English
Type clinical information systems
electronic medical records
health informatics
practice management
revenue cycle management
Website http://www.gehealthcare.com/centricity

Centricity is a brand of healthcare IT software[1] from GE Healthcare, a division of General Electric. It includes software for independent physician practices, academic medical centers, hospitals and large integrated delivery networks. The various modules perform practice management, revenue cycle management, electronic medical records, medical imaging, and other functions.

Centricity was introduced in 2003 with two applications, Centricity EMR and Centricity Physician Office - Practice Management. The products were acquired by what was then GE Medical Systems in 2002[2] and 2003[3] respectively, and released future versions of both products under the Centricity name. Additional products were added to the Centricity brand, such as Centricity Perinatal, Centricity Perioperative.

GE Healthcare acquired IDX Systems in 2006[4] and re-released its products under the Centricity brand.

The system is being phased out with GE leaving the hospital EMR business.[5]

Core Applications[edit]

Centricity Business[edit]

Centricity Business is a revenue cycle management system for large physician practices, academic medical centers and healthcare enterprises. Prior to Centricity integration, the product was known as IDX Flowcast. It is a Cache-based system (formerly known as MUMPS database).

The current version is Centricity Business 5.2.[6]

Centricity EMR[edit]

Centricity EMR is an electronic medical record (EMR) system for ambulatory care practices. One of the original two Centricity products, it began as MedicaLogic Logician. Centricity EMR runs on Oracle. Customer support is provided through GE Healthcare.[7] The interface capabilities of the Centricity EMR are named "LinkLogic" throughout the application and are file or TCP socket based. Specific servers dedicated to interfacing records are known as "Data Transfer Stations" (DTS) and constantly monitor a directory for inbound small, text files which are then brought into the EMR according to defined rules. These files conform to the HL7 specification.

Centricity Enterprise[edit]

Formerly IDX Carecast, Centricity Enterprise is a core clinical, financial and administrative solution for hospitals.

Centricity Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS)[edit]

Centricity PACS is an enterprise-wide image storage and retrieval system. The Centricity RIS-IC module was previously IDX Imagecast. Additional web-based capabilities are expected to be added following GE Healthcare's October 2007 acquisition of Dynamic Imaging.[8]

Centricity Practice Solution[edit]

Centricity Practice Solution is an integrated clinical and financial management system. It is a combined system based on the original Millbrook Practice Manager[9] product, and Centricity EMR. It is one of the original two Centricity products.

The current version is Centricity Practice Solution version 12. It runs on top of a Microsoft SQL database.

Centricity Enterprise Archive[edit]

Centricity Enterprise Archive is a digital DICOM archive and XDS repository.

The current version is Centricity Enterprise Archive 4.0

Other Applications[edit]

  • Centricity Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS)
  • Centricity Physician Office Mobile (PatientKeeper)

Specialty modules include:

  • Centricity ICU
  • Centricity Laboratory
  • Centricity Perinatal
  • Centricity Perioperative
  • Centricity Pharmacy
  • Centricity Radiology
  • GE ConnectR (though not a Centricity application, this GE-branded solution formerly produced by IDX acts as an interface engine for receiving and exchanging HL7 and other types of records.)

Web Services[edit]

  • Centricity Patient Online, a self-service patient web portal
  • Centricity Referring Practice Online, a self-service provider referral web portal

Support Lifecycle[edit]

Discontinued Applications & Features[edit]

  • Lastword, was the original name used by developer PHAMIS for the current GE Centricity Enterprise product (aka IDX Carecast). Placed with the company name it made a verbal pun, PHAMIS Lastword, which was deemed too unprofessional by IDX during rebranding. PHAMIS was the original pre-commercial name of the product, an acronym standing for Public Health Automated Medical Information System.