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Crystal structure of the SdCen/skMLCK complex.[1]
Organism Scherffelia dubia
Symbol caltractin
RefSeq (mRNA) X69220
UniProt Q06827

Centrins, also known as caltractins, are a family of calcium-binding phosphoproteins found in the centrosome of eukaryotes. Centrins are present in the centrioles and pericentriolar lattice.[2][3] Human centrin genes are CETN1, CETN2 and CETN3. Centrin was first isolated and characterized from the flagellar roots of the green alga Tetraselmis striata.[4]


Centrins are required for duplication of centrioles.[3] They may also play a role in severing of microtubules by causing calcium-mediated contraction.[5] The majority of centrin in the cell is non-centrosomal whose function is not yet clear.[6]


Centrin belongs to the EF-hand superfamily of calcium-binding proteins and has four calcium-binding EF-hands.[7] It has a molecular weight of 20 kDa.[8]

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