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Coordinates: 47°01′04″N 28°49′25″E / 47.0177°N 28.8235°E / 47.0177; 28.8235

Centro 73 (pronounced [ˈt͡ʃentro ˌʃaptezet͡ʃʲ ʃi ˈtrej]) was a social and cultural center of Chişinău and the first squat created in Moldova, which opened 25 September 2010[1] and closed in December 2010. It was located 73, Alexei Mateevici street.

The name is built from an in-joke which references to the fact that the owner of the building is Italian[2] (centro means center in Italian) and from the number of the building in the street.


The center worked with the principles which goes usually with squatting, such as autonomy, autogestion, non-commercial, DIY. It was also involved in inter-cultural exchanges, as it is frequented by Moldavians, but also foreigner people, mostly from the international volunteering community of Chişinău. Most used languages in the squat were Romanian and English.

The 20 November 2010, Centro 73 did a solidarity action for freedom of political prisoners in Belarus.[3]

Nowadays, Cento 73 is sealed off and the building is ready for demolition.


The aim of Centro 73 was to provide different social and cultural activities, such as:

  • a permanent photo exhibition
  • a free shop
  • a free price bar
  • café philosophique
  • theater workshops
  • jam sessions
  • different informative, creative or artistic workshops
  • cooking and eating afternoons
  • parties


The owner of the building wants to destroy it to build a business center, but it isn't allowed as it is a protected building.[2] The first of November 2010, a protest was organised by Centro 73 against demolition of buildings of historical center of Chişinău.[4] In December 2010, a fence was built around the building et works started, which ended the squatting adventure.


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