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Centro Sambil in Caracas

Centro Sambil Caracas, located in Caracas, Venezuela, is the sixth largest shopping mall in South America. It was completed in 1998 and has over 500 stores in approximately 3 million square-feet (250,000 square metres). The mall has five levels: Autopista, Libertador, Acuario, Feria, and Diversión. There are other Sambil malls located in Valencia, Margarita, Maracaibo, San Cristóbal, Barquisimeto, Paraguaná, Santo Domingo, Curaçao and Madrid.

The mall is owned by Constructora Sambil, run and owned by the Salomon Cohen Levy family. Alfredo Cohen is the director.[1]

A second mall was planned for Caracas under the name "Centro Sambil La Candelaria." However, in December 2010, before construction of the building was completed, the Venezuelan government, under then-President Hugo Chávez, expropriated the building while citing concerns with congestion.[2][3] As of February 2014, the building remained unfinished and unoccupied.

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