Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

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Center for Research and Teaching in Economics
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Cide vidrio-mid.jpg
CIDE, Santa Fe building
Type Public university
Established 1974
Rector Dr. Sergio López Ayllón
Students Approximately 400
Location Mexico City,  Mexico
Campus México-Toluca highway 3655, Lomas de Santa Fe
Website www.cide.edu

The Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas ("Center for Research and Teaching in Economics"; CIDE) is a Mexican center of research and higher education, specialized in the fields of social sciences, with an international-grade level of excellence. It is financed with public resources. It is considered one of Mexico's top think tanks.[1]

The campus is located in the Santa Fe hills of Mexico City.

Academic Organization[edit]

CIDE has six academic divisions: Economics, Public Administration, International Studies, Political Studies, Legal Studies, and History.

The center’s organizational structure reflects its pluralistic roots and its orientation towards promoting leadership and innovation. This flexibility allows faculty and alumni to pursue both individual interests and institutional priorities related to CIDE’s three core functions: teaching, research, and outreach to the public and decision makers.


The diverse faculty at CIDE form a research community. Investigative work combines scientific rigor with social relevance; it aims to address the challenges Mexico faces. The academic staff is both Mexican and foreign and the majority are registered with the National System of Researchers.

Academic programs[edit]

CIDE currently offers seven programs: four undergraduate programs—

Full-time masters programs

Half time masters programs

PhD program in *Public Policy.


Distinguished former residents/professors/researchers of CIDE include:


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