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The Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações (CPqD) (Portuguese for Centre for Research and Development in Telecommunications) is one of the largest Latin American R&D centres in Telecommunications and IT.[1] Located in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, CPqD has operated as a contractor for institutions and enterprises in a wide range of fields: telecommunications, finance, energy, industrial, corporate and public administration.[1]

CPqD entrance
CPqD gardens


CPqD was founded in 1976, as a Telecom research and development centre for Telebrás. In 1998, with the privatization of Telebrás, CPqD became an independent Foundation.[2]

Selected projects[edit]

The CONVERTE Project, started in 2003 in partnership with Trópico Telecomunicações Avançadas, developed new technologies for convergent next-generation networks.[3]

CPqD has participated in the development of the Brazilian digital television system (SBTVD).[4]

The GIGA Project, developed by CPqD along with several other research institutions, is focused on the development of new technologies for high speed optical networks.[5]

In 2013, CPqD made a partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Defence to develop communication technologies for the Brazilian Armed Forces.[6]


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