Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

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Centro sperimentale di cinematografia


The Centro sperimentale di cinematografia (Experimental Film Centre or Italian National film school) was established in 1935 in Italy and aims to promote the art and technique of cinematography and film.

The centre is the oldest film school in Western Europe, founded in the city of Rome in 1935 during the Benito Mussolini era by his head of cinema Luigi Freddi. It was and still is financed by the Italian government and focuses on education, research, publication, and theory.


Among the centre's goals are the development of cinema and audio-visual art and techniques to levels of excellence through distinct sectors of the Foundation itself, the National Film School, and the National Film Archive.

The National Film School has its main headquarters in Rome, with triennial courses in acting, screenplay writing, production design, set design, as well as costuming, cinematography, sound engineering, production, and editing. It is a full member of the international CILECT network of film schools.


During World War II, much of the original production equipment was stolen or destroyed by the Nazi occupiers.[1] Many attempts to trace them in Germany and the Soviet Union after the war were unsuccessful.[2]


Located near Cinecittà, the school trains its students using 35mm equipment over a 3-year period. With only 6 places available per class, selection is highly competitive.

The school's mentors include[3] Piero Tosi (costumes), Giuseppe Rotunno (photography), and Giancarlo Giannini (acting).

Alumni include:[4][5]




Costume Designers[edit]


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