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Centrolew rally in Warsaw, 15 September 1930

The Centrolew (Polish pronunciation: [t͡sɛnˈtrɔlɛf], Center-Left) was a coalition of several Polish political parties (Polish People's Party "Wyzwolenie", Polish People's Party "Piast", National Workers' Party, Polish Socialist Party, Stronnictwo Chłopskie and Polskie Stronnictwo Chrześcijańskiej Demokracji) after the 1928 Sejm elections. The coalition was directed against Józef Piłsudski and the Sanation government.

To counter the Centrolew, prior to the 1930 Sejm elections, Centrolew politicians were subjected to repressions (most famously, imprisonment in the Brest Fortress, and the subsequent Brest trials). The Centrolew was defeated in the elections and broke up as a coalition.