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Centropolis is an unincorporated community in Franklin County, Kansas, in the United States. It is located about 11 miles northwest of Ottawa. In the 1850s, Centropolis had the distinction of briefly vying for territorial capital of Kansas.


The area was first settled by Perry Fuller in 1855 who established a store in order to trade with the nearby Ottawa Indians. His store prospered and in 1856 he established the Centropolis Town Company and began selling lots.[1] The community name is a portmanteau of central and metropolis. The first commercial newspaper in Franklin County, the Kansas Leader, was founded in 1857[citation needed] The newspaper published by Jotham Meeker for the Ottawa Baptist Mission was the first newspaper in Franklin County. and not only did Fuller expect his new town to become county seat but also the territorial capital of Kansas and eventually state capital.[2]

Just a couple miles east of Centropolis, St. Bernard was established and the Territorial Legislature made St. Bernard the Franklin County seat[3] but despite having the county seat, St. Bernard did not grow and post office was closed and renamed Minneola.

The Centropolis post office closed in 1930.[4]


Centropolis has an elevation of 971 feet (296 m).[5]


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Coordinates: 38°42′58″N 95°21′01″W / 38.71611°N 95.35028°W / 38.71611; -95.35028