CenturyTel of Missouri

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CenturyTel of Missouri, LLC
Private (Subsidiary of CenturyLink)
Industry Telecommunications
Predecessor GTE Midwest
Founded 2001
Headquarters Wentzville, MO, United States
Products Local Telephone Service
Parent CenturyLink (2001-present)
Website http://www.centurylink.com/

CenturyTel of Missouri, LLC is a telephone operating company owned by CenturyLink that provides local telephone service in Missouri. The cities served by the company include Branson and Columbia.

The company was established in 2002 upon CenturyTel's purchase of lines from Verizon Communications. The lines in Missouri were transferred from GTE Midwest, which was originally an operating company of GTE. Included in the transfer were lines that GTE acquired in its purchase of Contel.

Following the sale, GTE Midwest was dissolved.

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