CenturyTel of South Arkansas

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CenturyTel of South Arkansas, Inc.
Private (Subsidiary of CenturyLink)
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1961
Products Local Telephone Service
Parent CenturyTel/CenturyLink
Website http://www.centurylink.com/

CenturyTel of South Arkansas, Inc. is a telephone operating company of CenturyLink providing local telephone services to Dodge City and Junction City in Arkansas and South Dodge City and South Junction City in Louisiana[1]

The company was founded in 1961[2] as the Union Telephone Company, Inc. Clarke Williams acquired the company, along with what is now CenturyTel of Arkansas, in 1962, later becoming part of his company Central Telephone and Electronics, then Century Telephone Enterprises.[3] The Union Telephone Company, in 1995, became Century Telephone of South Arkansas, Inc. The company adopted its current name in 1998.