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People Fishing in Century Park
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Century Park (simplified Chinese: 世纪公园; traditional Chinese: 世紀公園; pinyin: Shìjì Gōngyuán; Shanghainese: Syji Gonyu) is the largest park in the city of Shanghai. It is situated in Pudong New Area. It is located nearby to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

Century Park sprawls 140 hectares and lies to the south of Century Boulevard (世纪大道).[1]


The park includes a concert stage, and visitors can hire tandem bicycles or cycling-cars to travel through it. The park's landscaping combines British, Japanese, and Chinese gardening styles. Well known places in Century Park include The Lucky Pond, Bird island, and the lotus pond.


Century Park is best reached by taking Line 2 on the Shanghai Metro to Century Park station. It is also within walking distance from Shanghai Science and Technology Museum station. Entrance to the park costs 10 Yuan, although prices are raised during the 'golden week' holiday periods.


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Coordinates: 31°13′05″N 121°32′49″E / 31.217977°N 121.546898°E / 31.217977; 121.546898