Cephaleuros virescens

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Cephaleuros virescens
Cephaleuros parasiticus.jpg
Cephaleuros parasiticus as a parasite of guava leaves and fruit in Hawaii, causing a leaf and fruit spot disease.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Chlorophyta
Class: Ulvophyceae
Order: Trentepohliales
Family: Trentepohliaceae
Genus: Cephaleuros
Species: C. virescens
Binomial name
Cephaleuros virescens
Kunze ex E.M.Fries 1832: 327

Cephaleuros parasiticus

Cephaleuros virescens is a plant pathogen infecting tea, coffee and coconut.

It's red colour due to red pigment called haematochrome. It lacks chlorophyll pigment 'a' but have only chlorophyll 'b' thus photosynthesis is absent.

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