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Origin Germany
Genres synthpop, futurepop
Years active 1997-present
Labels Out Of Line
Members Jörg Göhler, "Ronny", "Chris"
Past members Sven West, "Rico", "Stella"

Cephalgy is a German electronic music project, founded in 1997 under the name Sven West. The name is a Latinization of the German Zephalgie, meaning cephalalgia.[1]


The band currently consists of:

  • Jörg Göhler, vocals and programming
  • "Ronny", synthesizers
  • "Chris", synthesizers


  • Warum (Demo; 2001; Eigenvertrieb)
  • Cephalgy (Demo; 2002; Eigenvertrieb)
  • Weisses Fleisch EP (Demo EP; 2003; Eigenvertrieb)
  • Engel Sterben Nie (1 March 2004; Out Of Line)
  • Finde Deinen Dämon (28 October 2005; Out Of Line)
  • Moment Der Stille EP (EP; 13 October 2006; Out Of Line)
  • Herzschlag (October 10, 2008; Out of Line)
  • Leid Statt Liebe (2011; Out of Line)

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