Cerberus FTP Server

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Cerberus FTP Server
This is a screenshot of the Cerberus FTP Server User Manager administration page.
Developer(s) Cerberus, LLC
Initial release March 2001; 15 years ago (2001-03)
Stable release
8.0.3 / June 22, 2016; 3 months ago (2016-06-22) [1]
Operating system Windows
Type FTP server
License Proprietary software
Website www.cerberusftp.com

Cerberus FTP Server is a Windows-based FTP server with support for encrypted FTP sessions via FTPS and SFTP[2] as well as web client support via HTTP and HTTPS. The server exposes files using a virtual file system and supports user authentication via built-in users and groups, Active Directory, LDAP and public key authentication.[3]


Cerberus FTP Server was originally created by Grant Averett in January 2000 and saw its first public release in March 2001.[4] The server is currently developed and supported by Cerberus, LLC.

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