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A RENFE train operating a Cercanías Valencia service at Riba-Roja de Túria station

Cercanías Valencia (Valencian: Rodalia de València) is the commuter rail service that serves Valencia, Spain, and its metropolitan area. It is operated by Cercanías Renfe, the commuter rail division of RENFE, the former monopoly of rail services in Spain. The network is owned by Adif, the national railway infrastructure company.

The Cercanías Valencia network includes six lines, 252 kilometres (157 mi) of track and 66 stations.

Network and stations[edit]

The system has six radial lines[1] to and from the city centre. Each line is colour-coded on maps and timetables.

Line Route Length (km)
C-1 light blue.svg València-Nord - Gandia / Platja i Grau de Gandia 62
C-2 yellow.svg València-Nord - Xàtiva - Moixent 80
C-3 dark pink.svg València-Nord - Buñol - Utiel 84
C-4 red.svg València-Sant Isidre - Xirivella-l'Alter 2
C-5 green.svg València-Nord-Sagunt-Caudiel 72
C-6 dark blue.svg València-Nord - Castelló de la Plana 70

Stations are in six concentric zones numbered 1–6. Zone 1 covers the city centre and Zone 6 includes the stations at the end of each line except C-4 which ends in Zone 1. The system's main interchange stations are at Valencia Nord, Sagunt and Silla.

Lines C-1, C-2, C-3, C-5 and C-6 terminate at Valencia Nord; line C-4 terminates at Valencia Sant Isidre. MetroValencia lines 1 and 5 connect the Nord and Sant Isidre stations.

Cercanías Valencia route map



CIVIS services run on lines C-1, C-2, C-3 and C-6. These are semi-fast services which only call at selected stations; typically they run into Valencia in the morning peak and out of Valencia in the evening peak.

Tickets and fares[edit]

All tickets are priced according to the station zones.

As of March 2014,[2] single fares range from € 1.75 for one zone to € 5.70 for all six zones. Return fares range from € 2.40 to € 8.60.

The "Tarjeta Dorada"[3] provides a 40% discount on single and return fares to all passengers aged 60 or over, students, passengers with disabilities and others.

Rolling stock[edit]

Cercanías Valencia trains are operated by three classes of rolling stock:

Unit Lines Built by:
RENFE Class 592 (diesel multiple unit) C-3 dark pink.svg C-4 red.svg C-5 green.svg Macosa-MTM
RENFE Class 447 (electric multiple unit) C-1 light blue.svg C-2 yellow.svg C-6 dark blue.svg CAF/Siemens
Civia (electric multiple unit) C-1 light blue.svg C-2 yellow.svg Alstom


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