Cercanías Zaragoza

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Cercanías Zaragoza is the name given to the Renfe operated commuter train service in and around the city of Zaragoza, in Aragon, Spain.

There is currently one line, running from Miraflores to Casetas. Trains run once an hour off-peak, with extra trains in the peaks. The second Cercanías line, along with extra stations on the original line, is in the process of being constructed.

Stations served by Cercanías Zaragoza (line 1, C-1)[edit]

  • Casetas: it is the first station of the line. Casetas is a suburban neighborhood of Zaragoza, located at about 10 km from the city. The neighborhood has a population of about 15,000 inhabitants.
Train arriving at Casetas station
  • Utebo: it is one of the most used stations in the line. The station, despite being small, is located in the center of the town of Utebo, a commuter town independent of the city.
Utebo station
  • Zaragoza-Delicias: it is the main railway station of the city, an important stop for long-distance and AVE (high-speed) trains. It is located in the most populated district of the city, Delicias.
Cercanías train bound for Miraflores station at Zaragoza-Delicias
  • Portillo: it is the second stop in the city. Once the biggest and most important station in the city, nowadays it is located underground and has ground access. Some national trains also stop in this station.
  • Zaragoza-Goya: it is the second most important station in the city and the most used in this line. Located in the center of the city, has connection to the tram system, which makes it easier for tourists to move around. Since it's an underground station too, there is a modern-style ground access in one of the most important avenues in Zaragoza.
  • Miraflores: it is the last station of the line. It is located in the left side of the city, next to the Príncipe Felipe stadium.