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The Cerebos logo

Cerebos is a Japanese brand of salt and, more recently, other flavourings and nutritional supplements. Originally a British company, its promise was "See How It Runs", because it contained anti-caking agents;[1] at the time of its introduction, salt was sold in large blocks from which the user would scrape what they needed. Free-running salt was a novelty because, left for any length of time, pure sodium chloride crystals would absorb sufficient moisture from the air to cause them to stick together, a phenomenon called caking. A boy chasing a bird and pouring salt over it is an icon that has become synonymous with the brand.[2]

It is sold in Western Europe (including France where it is spelt Cérébos) Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Australian and New Zealand Food and Beverage operations are part of Cerebos Pacific (Singapore), which in turn is part of Suntory Holdings Limited (Japan) established in 2009, and includes the well known local brands:

  • Greggs (NZ)
  • Robert Harris (NZ)
  • Bisto (NZ)
  • Raro (NZ)
  • atomic (NZ)
  • Whitlock's (NZ)
  • L'affare (NZ)
  • Bruno Rossi (NZ)
  • Gravox (Australia)
  • Fountain (Australia)
  • Toby Estate (Australia)
  • Saxa (Australia)
  • Foster Clark's (Australia)
  • Mocopan (Australia)
  • Asian Home Gourmet (Australia)

The Cerebos salt company invented 'Bisto' gravy powder product (a mixture of salt, flavourings and colourings), at its salt factory in Middlewich, Cheshire in the United Kingdom. It was acquired by RHM in 1968.



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