Ceremonial Castings

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Ceremonial Castings
From left to right: Bloodhammer, Lord Serpent, Old Nick
Background information
OriginBattle Ground, Washington, United States
GenresSymphonic black metal
Years active1996 - Present[1]
LabelsDark Forest Productions
MembersJake Superchi (Lord Serpent)
Nick Superchi (Old Nick)
Matthew Mattern (Bloodhammer)[2]

Ceremonial Castings were an American black metal band from Washington. Described as "Bewitching Black Metal",[2] they play a unique style surrounded in black magic & the arts of witchcraft. In recent news CC have just announced a Central American tour with Norway's Gorgoroth in September 2012.


Ceremonial Castings began in the late fall of 1996. The band was founded by still existing members Jake Superchi (The Witcher) & brother Nick Superchi (OldNick). The basis of the writing & the lyrical foundation striving on the art of black magic, witchcraft & rituals that could only lead to the name of Ceremonial Castings.

Hailing from the town Battle Ground which is located in the dark forests of Washington state (USA) it is no surprise that the curses that are spewed forth are a perfect mix of unrelenting majestic chaos. The recipe contains itself with the magicks of Black, Death, & Thrash Metal to Classical, Symphonic & Dark Ambient combining into the band's self deemed sound as "American Deathphonic Black Metal" or now known as "Bewitching Black Metal".

Both Lord Serpent and Old Nick are involved in musical projects ranging from death metal, to black metal, to ambient. Links to these various projects can be found on Ceremonial Castings' Myspace page.

The Brothers Superchi also happen to be related to the renowned author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, as they are direct descendants of Nathaniel's great-great-grandfather, Judge John Hathorne.



  • Immortal Black Art (2005)
  • Barbaric is the Beast (2006)
  • Salem 1692 (2008)
  • Into the Black Forest of Witchery (remastered + bonus tracks 2008)
  • Beast In Black (2010)
  • March Of The Deathcult (2011)
  • Bewitching Black Metal (2013)
  • Reign In Hell (A Tribute to Slayer) (2013)
  • Cthulu (2014)

Demos & EP's[edit]

  • Witchcraft (tape 1996)
  • Vampira (1997)
  • Demonic (1998)
  • Blood Like Wine (2000)
  • Vampira - The Second Coming (2000)
  • 13 Roses (2000)
  • The Garden of Dark Delights (2001)
  • The Chaos Chapter (2002)
  • Into The Black Forest Of Witchery (2002)
  • Fullmoon Passions (2002)
  • Midnight Deathcult Phenomena (2003)
  • Universal Funeral March (2003)
  • The Extermination Process (2003)
  • Into The Black Forest Of Witchery (re-recording) (2004)

Other projects[edit]

Thy Emptiness[edit]

J.S. - All Vocals, Guitars & Drums

O.N. - All keys, synths & piano

  • Crowned Under Cascade Rain (2013)

The Dead[edit]

Nick The Gremlin - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Bass
Jake O' Lantern - Drums

  • They Come For Brains (2001)
  • Start Killing (2006)
  • Cadaver Cuts (Split) (2007)

Mysticism Black[edit]

Old Nick - All Instruments

  • War Hymns Of The Dark Communion (Demo) (2002)
  • The Rite Of War (Split Album) (2003)
  • The Dark Erudition (2006)

Serpent Lord[edit]

Lord Serpent - All Instruments

  • Battle Horns (Demo) (2003)
  • The Rite Of War (Split Album) (2003)
  • The Order Of The Snake (Demo) (2004)