Ceremonies of Light and Dark

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"Ceremonies of Light and Dark"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 11
Directed byJohn Flinn, III
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code311
Original air dateApril 8, 1996
Guest appearance(s)

William Forward (Lord Refa)
Don Stroud (Boggs)
Paul Perri (Sniper)
Harlan Ellison (Sparky the Computer)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Severed Dreams"
Next →
"Sic Transit Vir"
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"Ceremonies of Light and Dark" is the eleventh episode from the third season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


Delenn believes that given the current situation, it is time to have a Ceremony of Rebirth, normally a day-long ceremony where those invited given up their most treasured possession and tell someone else a secret. While Sheridan and his staff are willing, she has trouble convincing G'Kar, Ambassador Mollari, and particularly Marcus to participate. Elsewhere, a group of former Night Watch members that have eluded capture on the station try to figure a way to allow Earth Alliance to regain control. Their leader, Boggs, believes if they can take Delenn, it will force Sheridan to act.

Delenn invites one of the captains of the Minbari ships protecting Babylon 5 to tour the station, but primarily as a front to be able to talk to Marcus more to join the Ceremony. Marcus remains unsure, explaining that he has already lost everything in his path to join the Rangers, and feels there is nothing to gain. As the captain arrives, Marcus goes off to alert security, but while Delenn goes to meet the captain, they are attacked by Boggs and his men. They take Delenn, the captain, and one of his staff members hostage, and send an untraceable message to Sheridan, demanding he send the Minbari ships home or they will kill the Minbari. He shows his intent by having the aide killed. Marcus, infuriated that he could have protected Delenn, goes to a seedy bar where various black market deals work, and tries to convince them to provide information. They refuse, and Marcus is force to end up subduing all of them. While waiting for one to wake up, Lennier arrives, asking Marcus about the ceremony. Marcus is surprised by this, but Lennier reveals that he is following what Delenn wanted as he loves her. Eventually, one of the dealers wakes up and provides a clue to Boggs' location, which Marcus relies to Sheridan.

Sheridan's security team, knowing that Boggs is close to the fusion reactions, trigger a false alarm to force Boggs out of hiding. In the open, they get into a firefight, stunning all but Boggs' sniper. The sniper pulls out a knife and throws it at Sheridan, but Delenn blocks it, taking the knife in her back. The others rush to aid Delenn, while Sheridan chases after the sniper and eventually captures him. Delenn's wound is not serious but must have bedrest and would miss the ceremony. Instead, one by one, Sheridan and the command staff come by to drop off their old Earth Alliance uniforms and tell her a secret; Sheridan professes his love for Delenn. As the staff leave, Lennier tells them that Delenn had made gifts for them back in their quarters. Later, the staff arrive on the bridge, now in the new uniforms of the Army of Light provided by Delenn.

Meanwhile, Mollari has invited Lord Refa to the station, offering him a drink before getting to business about disinvolving Centauri from Mr. Morden and his "associates" the Shadows. Refa refuses, their assistance proving valuable to Centari's expansion plans. Mollari asserts that Refa will obey, as in his drink, Mollari had planted one half a binary poison that will remain in his body indefinitely. The poison remains harmless until Refa injests the other half, which will kill him. Mollari with use this to assure Refa's obedience. Separately, knowing that Earth Alliance has several backdoors into the station's computer sytesm, Garibaldi and Ivanova attempt to reset the computer with new passwords. While successful, this also initiates an artificial intelligence, Sparky, that treats the crew in a condescending manner. Garibaldi and his team spend a great deal of time to rid the system of Sparky.

Arc significance[edit]

  • The station command crew adopts new uniforms, supplied by Delenn, to replace their EarthForce uniforms.
  • Lennier confesses to Marcus that he loves Delenn, even though he knows that she will never return that love.
  • Sheridan expresses his love for Delenn for the first time.
  • Michael Garibaldi admits he is afraid all of the time, of what he might do if he ever let go.
  • Commander Ivanova tells Delenn that she thinks she loved her deceased colleague, Talia Winters.
  • Franklin admits to Delenn that he has an addiction problem.
  • Mollari persuades Refa to break off his relationship with Morden, by poisoning him.

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