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Fictional entities[edit]

  • Ceres Space Colony, from the video game Super Metroid
  • Geoffrey Fourmyle of Ceres, one of the identities of Gulliver Foyle, in the Alfred Bester book The Stars My Destination
  • The Ceres Ocean, in the alternate Earth of the Ace Combat video game series
  • Sailor Ceres, a.k.a. CereCere, a character in Sailor Moon
  • Seras Victoria, a character in the anime/manga Hellsing, of which an alternate romanization is "Ceres"


  • Ceres Storm (2000), a science fiction novel by American author David Herter


Brands and enterprises[edit]


  • Ceres Connection, a cooperative program between MIT's Lincoln Laboratory and the Society for Science and the Public dedicated for promoting science education
  • Ceres School, an historic school building located at Ceres in Allegany County, New York


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