Ceres Koekedouw Dam

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Ceres Koekedouw Dam
Official nameCeres Koekedouw Dam
CountrySouth Africa
Locationnear Ceres, Western Cape
Coordinates33°21′45″S 19°16′31″E / 33.36250°S 19.27528°E / -33.36250; 19.27528Coordinates: 33°21′45″S 19°16′31″E / 33.36250°S 19.27528°E / -33.36250; 19.27528
Owner(s)Witzenberg Local Municipality
Dam and spillways
Type of damrockfill
ImpoundsKoekedouw River
Height64 m
Length275 m
CreatesCeres Koekedouw Dam Reservoir
Total capacity17 200 000 m³
Surface area107 ha

Ceres Koekedouw Dam is a rockfill type dam on the Koekedouw River, near Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa. Its primary purpose is for irrigation.

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