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Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company Elevator A
contemporary photo
Location 155 5th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Coordinates 44°58′47″N 93°15′35″W / 44.97972°N 93.25972°W / 44.97972; -93.25972Coordinates: 44°58′47″N 93°15′35″W / 44.97972°N 93.25972°W / 44.97972; -93.25972
Built 1908
Architect George T. Honstain, Fred W. Cooley
Added to NRHP March 11, 1971
older photo showing the whole elevator
Possibly the largest grain elevator ever built of brick, Elevator A could hold one million bushels of grain.[1]
contemporary photo from the other side
Front of the building

Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company Elevator A also known as the Ceresota Building and "The Million Bushel Elevator"[2] was a receiving and public grain elevator built by the Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company in 1908 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. The building is a contributing property of the Saint Anthony Falls History District listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.[3] Today the building is a multiple tenant office building with 92,081 square feet (8,555 m2).


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