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Ceridian Corporation
Industry Information services
Founded 1992
Headquarters Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
Key people
David Ossip, CEO of Ceridian HCM
Revenue IncreaseUS$ 944 million (2012) [1]
Number of employees
7,000+ (2013) [2]
Website www.ceridian.com

Ceridian HCM, Inc. is a provider of human resources software and services with employees in the USA, Canada, Europe and Mauritius. It was a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange until it was acquired in 2007 by Thomas H. Lee Partners and Fidelity National Financial.[3][4]

History of Ceridian[edit]

Ceridian Canada building in Ontario

Ceridian is a descendant of Control Data Corporation (CDC). In 1992, Ceridian was founded as an information services company from the restructuring of CDC, a computer services and manufacturing company founded in 1957.[5][6]

In 2007, Ceridian was acquired for US$5.3 billion by Thomas H. Lee Partners and Fidelity National Financial (FNF).[7] Ceridian common stock ceased trading on the NYSE before commencement of trading on 9 November 2007 and was delisted from the NYSE.

In March 2012, Ceridian completed its acquisition of Dayforce, a single SaaS application for HR, payroll, tax, benefits, workforce management, talent management and several related activities.[8] In October 2013, Ceridian announced the legal separation of its Human Capital Management and payments businesses. Ceridian completed the separation on October 1, 2013 through a series of transactions, which resulted in the payments business being operated as Comdata Inc. (“Comdata”), and the HCM business being operated as Ceridian HCM Holding Inc. (“Ceridian HCM”).[citation needed]

David Ossip, Chief Executive Officer of Dayforce, became CEO of Ceridian HCM in February 2013.[8]


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