Cerro Batoví

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Cerro Batoví
Cerro Batoví, situated near Tacuarembó
Highest point
Elevation 224 m (735 ft)
Listing Breast-shaped hills
Coordinates 31°52′33″S 56°00′41″W / 31.87583°S 56.01139°W / -31.87583; -56.01139Coordinates: 31°52′33″S 56°00′41″W / 31.87583°S 56.01139°W / -31.87583; -56.01139
Translation Cerro (Hill in Spanish); Batoví (Breast of a virgin in Guaraní) (Spanish/Guaraní)
Pronunciation Spanish: [ˈθero βatoˈβi]
Cerro Batoví is located in Uruguay
Cerro Batoví
Cerro Batoví
Location Tacuarembó, Tacuarembó Department,
Parent range Cuchilla de Haedo
Age of rock Precambrian
Mountain type Hill
Easiest route Hike

Cerro Batoví is a hill in Uruguay, with an altitude of 224 metres (734.9 ft). It is situated 25 km (15.5 mi) away from the city of Tacuarembó.

Location and features[edit]

It is located in the Tacuarembó Department, in a range of hills named Cuchilla de Haedo. Batoví means breast of a virgin in the Guaraní language and the hill has this name due to its curious shape.

Cerro Batoví is considered the symbol of the Tacuarembó Department.

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