Cerro El Cóndor

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Cerro El Cóndor
Cerro El Cóndor from the east
Elevation 6,414 m (21,043 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,660 m (5,450 ft)[1]
Listing Ultra
Cerro El Cóndor is located in Argentina
Cerro El Cóndor
Cerro El Cóndor
Location Argentina
Range Andes
Coordinates 26°37′54″S 68°21′42″W / 26.63167°S 68.36167°W / -26.63167; -68.36167Coordinates: 26°37′54″S 68°21′42″W / 26.63167°S 68.36167°W / -26.63167; -68.36167[1]
Type Stratovolcano
Age of rock Holocene
First ascent Alexander von Götz, Steffen Salzmann, et al., 2003

Cerro El Cóndor is a stratovolcano in Argentina. It is a remote peak in the Argentine Puna de Atacama. As such it was probably the last major 6000m+ peak in the Andes to be climbed,[2] the first recorded ascent being in 2003 by Alexander von Götz and Steffen Salzmann of Germany.

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