Cerro El Muerto

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Cerro El Muerto
Cerro El Muerto.jpg
Cerro El Muerto as seen from Ojos del Salado
Highest point
Elevation6,510 m (21,360 ft) [1][2]
Prominence2,096 metres (6,877 ft)
Parent peakOjos del Salado
Coordinates27°3′28.44″S 068°29′03.12″W / 27.0579000°S 68.4842000°W / -27.0579000; -68.4842000Coordinates: 27°3′28.44″S 068°29′03.12″W / 27.0579000°S 68.4842000°W / -27.0579000; -68.4842000
Parent rangePuna de Atacama, Andes
First ascent23/02/1950 - Luis Alvarado, Jorge Balastino, Carlos and Oscar Alvarez (Chile)


Cerro el Muerto (sometimes El Muerto fully translated as The Dead One ") is a range or area at the border of Argentina and Chile. It has a height of 6,510 metres (21,358 ft). It's located at Atacama Region, Copiapó Province, at the Puna de Atacama. It only receives a handful of climbing attempts every year and most are from the chilean side.


It has an official height of 6488 meters,[3] however, based on the elevation provided by the available Digital elevation models, SRTM (6490m[4]), ASTER (6488m[5]), SRTM filled with ASTER (6490m[6]), TanDEM-X(6533m[7]), and also a handheld GPS survey by Maximo Kausch on 12/2010 (6519 meters),[8] Muerto is about 6510 meters above sea level.[9][10][11]

The height of the nearest key col is 4414 meters.[12] so its prominence is 2096 meters. Muerto is listed as range or area, based on the Dominance system [13] and its dominance is 32.2%. Its parent peak is Ojos del Salado and the Topographic isolation is 8 kilometers. [14] This information was obtained during a research by Suzanne Imber in 2014.[15]

Western slopes of Cerro El Muerto during the southern summer

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