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Cerro Las Minas

Coordinates: 14°32′03″N 88°40′48″W / 14.53417°N 88.68000°W / 14.53417; -88.68000
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Cerro Las Minas
Montana de Celaque
The Cordillera de Celaque
Highest point
Elevation2,870 m (9,420 ft)
Prominence2,069 m (6,788 ft)[1]
Coordinates14°32′03″N 88°40′48″W / 14.53417°N 88.68000°W / 14.53417; -88.68000[2]
Cerro Las Minas is located in Honduras
Cerro Las Minas
Cerro Las Minas
Location of Cerro Las Minas in Honduras
LocationLempira Department, Honduras
Parent rangeCordillera de Celaque
Sunrise at Cerro Las Minas, the highest point in Honduras

Cerro Las Minas is the highest mountain in Honduras. Cerro Las Minas is located in the rugged and relatively isolated Lempira Department in the western part of the country. A Honduran national park, the Celaque National Park, was established in 1987 for the mountain and some 266 square kilometres (65,730 acres) of surrounding territory.

It is part of the Cordillera de Celaque mountain range and is given the name "Pico Celaque, 2849m" on local 1:50,000 topographic mapping, but SRTM data suggests that 2870 m is more accurate.[3]


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