Cerro Negro Formation, Argentina

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Cerro Negro Formation
Stratigraphic range: Ediacaran
<565 Ma
Unit ofLa Providencia Group
 Tandilia System
UnderliesBalcarce Formation
OverliesSierra Bayas Group
Thickness>150 m (490 ft)
PrimaryShale, sandstone
Coordinates37°12′04.3″S 60°20′48.1″W / 37.201194°S 60.346694°W / -37.201194; -60.346694Coordinates: 37°12′04.3″S 60°20′48.1″W / 37.201194°S 60.346694°W / -37.201194; -60.346694
RegionBuenos Aires Province
Country Argentina
ExtentRío de la Plata Craton
Cerro Negro Formation, Argentina is located in Argentina
Cerro Negro Formation, Argentina
Cerro Negro Formation, Argentina (Argentina)

The Cerro Negro Formation is a sedimentary formation of Ediacaran age in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The formation crops out along the Tandilia System, a chain of hills made up by of ancient rocks. Together with the formations of the underlying Sierra Bayas Group it is contains the oldest sedimentary formations in Argentina that have not been subject to significant metamorphism or deformation. In 2015 a complete revision of the formation was proposed.[1]

Fossil content[edit]

Soft-bodied discoidal specimens resembling Aspidella are described from the formation, that has been estimated as not older than 565 Ma.[2]

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