Cerro Oncol

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Cerro Oncol
Cerro Oncol-lluvia.jpg
View of the forests around Cerro Oncol
Highest point
Elevation 715 m (2,346 ft)
Prominence 715 m (2,346 ft)
Coordinates 39°40′S 73°17′W / 39.667°S 73.283°W / -39.667; -73.283Coordinates: 39°40′S 73°17′W / 39.667°S 73.283°W / -39.667; -73.283
Cerro Oncol is located in Chile
Cerro Oncol
Cerro Oncol
Parent range Cordillera de Oncol

Cerro Oncol is mountain located in the Cordillera de Oncol, Chile. With its 715 m it is the highest peak of the Chilean Coast Range between Nahuelbuta Range and Corral Bay. Cerro Oncol and its surroundings are located inside Oncol Park.