Cerro Pico Blanco

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The Cerro Pico Blanco is the second highest mountain of the Cerros de Escazú, Costa Rica, with a summit elevation of 2,428 m (7,966 ft).[1] Pico Blanco means literally 'white peak', making reference of the rocky outcropping close to its highest point, that looks light gray from the Central Valley.

It is a good destination for a one-day hike and is a potentially promising location for rock climbing.[2]

There is no relation to the endangered, endemic Pico Blanco Toad as it is reported to be found further to the southeast.

On January 15, 1990, a plane carrying 21 persons crashed near Pico Blanco, shortly after taking off from San Jose's Juan Santamaria Airport; all aboard perished.[3]

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Coordinates: 9°17′N 83°02′W / 9.283°N 83.033°W / 9.283; -83.033