Cerro Rabo de Mico

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Cerro Rabo de Mico
Highest point
Elevation 2,428 m (7,966 ft) [2]
Coordinates 9°51′N 84°08′W / 09.85°N 84.13°W / 09.85; -84.13Coordinates: 9°51′N 84°08′W / 09.85°N 84.13°W / 09.85; -84.13[1]
Location Costa Rica
Parent range Cerros de Escazú
Easiest route Hike

The Cerro Rabo de Mico is the highest mountain of the Cerros de Escazú, Costa Rica with 2,428 m (7,966 ft).[2] The peak is accessible by trails from Escazu as well as Aserri, through the trail that leads past la Piedra de Aserri. Rabo de mico means literally 'monkey tail' although this denomination probably comes from a tree fern colloquially named likewise.

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