Cerro Ramada

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Cerro Ramada
Cerro Ramada is located in Argentina
Cerro Ramada
Cerro Ramada
Location in Argentina, on the border with Chile
Highest point
Elevation 6,200 m (20,300 ft)
Coordinates 22°12′S 66°37′W / 22.200°S 66.617°W / -22.200; -66.617Coordinates: 22°12′S 66°37′W / 22.200°S 66.617°W / -22.200; -66.617
Location Argentina - Chile
Parent range Cordillera de la Ramada
First ascent 1934

Cerro Ramada is a mountain in the Cordillera de la Ramada range of the Andes, in Argentina. It has a height of 6,384 metres (20,945 ft).

The first ascent of the mountain was by a Polish expedition in 1934, when a cairn was erected on the summit.[1] In 2013 German climber Florian Hill opened up a direct route on the northwest face of Cerro Ramada.


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