Cerro del Vigía

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Cerro del Vigía
Cerro del Vigia, desde Ave. Las Americas y Calle Virgilio Biaggi, Bo. Canas Urbano, Ponce, PR (DSC01256).jpg
Cerro del Vigía (in the background) with its iconic Hotel, Cruceta and Castle
Highest point
Elevation456 ft (139 m) [1]
Prominence456 ft (139 m) [2]
Coordinates18°01′08″N 66°37′13″W / 18.01889°N 66.62028°W / 18.01889; -66.62028Coordinates: 18°01′08″N 66°37′13″W / 18.01889°N 66.62028°W / 18.01889; -66.62028[3]
Cerro del Vigía is located in Puerto Rico
Cerro del Vigía
Cerro del Vigía
Location in Puerto Rico
LocationPonce, Puerto Rico
Parent rangeCordillera Central
Easiest routeCalle Bertoly, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Cerro del Vigía[a] is a hill in the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico, located just north of the city of Ponce. A tourist destination, it is home to Museo Castillo Serrallés, Cruceta del Vigía, and the former Hotel Ponce Intercontinental.

The 456-foot high hill sits at the foothills of the Cordillera Central and is located in Barrio Portugués Urbano.[4][5][6] The hill is home to several well-to-do mansions of which the best known is Castillo Serrallés, now a Museum.

Location and geology[edit]

The hill is part of the Cordillera Central and is located just north of Barrio Segundo in the urban zone of Ponce.[7] It is located at coordinates 18° 01' 08", -66° 37' 13". Just west of Cerro del Vigía is Ponce Cement, as the hills in this area are mostly limestone.

Best view[edit]

The view from atop Cerro del Vigía is said to be "the best view in all of Ponce". On a clear day, it is possible to see clearly all the way to Caja de Muertos. There is a 100-feet observation cross at the top of the hill from where the entire zone can be observed. The best road for access to the top of the hill is Calle Bertoly.

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  1. ^ Some sources call this hill "Cerro El Vigía". Here we use the much older --and yet currently in continued widespread use-- "Cerro del Vigía", in part because it works as a reminder as to the history of the hill (i.e., the hill of the watchman) and in part because it is the name found in the oldest map of the hill known to exist. Said map is dated 1818 and was first published by Eduardo Neumann Gandía in "Verdadera y Auténtica Historia de la Ciudad de Ponce: desde sus primitivos tiempos hasta la época contemporánea", in 1913, pages 65-66. (Reprinted in 1987 in San Juan, P.R. by Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña.)