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A Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) is a professional that knows and employs the standards and principles associated with auditing. A CQA is capable of using various evaluation techniques to identify a production system’s strength and weakness in quality control.[1]

A quality audit is a process that involves the systematic identification and examination of a production quality system. The Certified Quality Auditor has to analyze all elements of a quality system and assess its degree of adherence to the applicable industry criteria.

Each CQA certification candidate needs to pass a multiple choice examination that measures comprehension of the ASQ BOK (American Society for Quality Body of Knowledge) covering:

  • Auditing Basics
  • Process of auditing
  • Auditor competencies
  • Audit program and business applications
  • Quality tools and techniques

The major focus of the CQA exam is on auditing practices.


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ASQ Quality Auditor Certification