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CfMD stands for Certified for Microsoft Dynamics.[1][2]

The program recognizes the third-party developed solutions that meet Microsoft's highest standards for Dynamics implementations.

If a solution is CfMD certified, it means that the product:

  • is developed only by a certified and reputable Software Vendor
  • is designed for a unique business and industry need
  • abides the governmental policies and regulations
  • is tested for integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • has been used and recommended by other companies
  • is of low-risk to use, fast to implement, and simple in maintenance

There are 6 key requirements to earn Certified for Microsoft Dynamics and gain access to the CfMD Logo

  • Software Solution Test (SST) via 3 tracks 1) Tested in Lab 2) ISV Self Test 3) Application Services Track
  • Software Escrow – confirm that you have offered Software Escrow under your license terms
  • Demonstrate your Support Capability - an online resource for your solution with specific support information, SLA and product roadmap
  • Provide existing Customer Evidences - Supply customer references or evidence from Microsoft and your resellers related to 10 customers using the current or 1 previous major Microsoft Dynamics version
  • Establish an ERP/CRM competency with the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Establish a Microsoft Dynamics application profile on Pinpoint


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