Cervini-Eliazo Residence Halls

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Cervini-Eliazo Residence Halls
University Ateneo de Manila University
Location Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Established 1965 (Cervini Hall)
1968 (Eliazo Hall)
Namesake Fr. Andrew F. Cervini, S.J.
Fr. José Ma. Eliazo, S.J.
Colors      blue
Website www.ateneo.edu

Cervini Hall and Eliazo Hall are the on-campus dormitories for college students of the Ateneo de Manila University. Cervini Hall is for male students, and neighboring Eliazo Hall is for female students. Located at the highest point of the campus, it can accommodate 204 male students in 51 rooms. However, only a quarter of these slots is available for freshmen or new dormers each year.



Resident students are provided with individual bed and mattress, cabinet for clothes and shoes, study table with lamp, and book shelves. There is a common shoe cabinet for the occupants of the room. There are four occupants to a room that has a built in ceiling fan. An electronic paging system is also installed in each room.


Restrooms with bath are common facilities located at either end of each floor of this 3-storey building. Hot water is available for baths. Free telephones are provided for local calls, while payphones are available for long-distance calls. Other available facilities are the prayer room, mini-library, conference room, and a study room—all air-conditioned.

A common recreation area contains billiard tables, ping pong tables, and a piano. There are adjacent TV and video rooms for resident student use. The spacious recreation room also functions as a multi-purpose hall for assemblies, masses, and parties.

The Cervini Café is open to the public from 6:30AM to 7:30PM.


Cervini Hall is the first dormitory in the Philippines to provide room-to-room internet access, which is available to subscribers from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily. Internet facilities are provided and maintained by the Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Network Team (ACENT).


Most dorm activities and support services are organized and managed by the residents themselves through the Cervini-Eliazo Resident Students Association (CERSA) and its working committees. These include the orientation for new and freshmen dormers; academic tutorials, group study and book lending; Sunday masses, evening prayer, recollections; sportsfest, variety show and open house. CERSA is also active in opportunities for social awareness and involvement like disaster relief operations, socio-political mobilizations, and social education.


Applicants to Cervini Hall must accomplish the dorm Application Form secured only at the Residence Halls. Alternatively, the form may also be sent by mail/courier to the applicant who will pay the cost of mailing.

Completed forms should be submitted to the Residence Halls. Only those who have passed the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) and are accepted into the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University will be considered for admission. Admission procedures are performed by the Committee on Dorm Admissions.

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