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Cesar Castellani (died 2 August 1905) was an architect. He was born in Malta. He was attracted by the prosperity of British Guiana and emigrated there in 1860 with a group of Italian priests.


Castellani designed a number of prominent buildings in Guyana, including Brickdam Cathedral; Castellani House,[1] once the Guyana Prime Minister's residence;[2] the Brickdam Police Station; and the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

He made alterations and additions to the Church of the Sacred Heart on Main Street (1872-1882), which opened in 1861, for the colony's Madeiran labourers.

The design of the Victoria Law Courts, usually credited to Baron Siccama, has Castellani's signature style.[citation needed]

In 1875, he completed the installation of a sunken panelled ceiling of the Parliamentary chamber in the eastern wing of the Parliament Building.

Cesar Castellani died in Georgetown, Guyana on 2 August 1905.


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